Hey! I’m Ian Gaadt. I’m a senior at Rhode Island School of Design. My major is illustration and I have strong interests in storyboarding, creative direction, and film. 
Throughout my life, I’ve been deeply involved in the art world. My mum is a successful graphic designer/illustrator and my dad is very musical. Growing up, my mum’s love of art naturally influenced a similar obsession within myself, and at the same time, my dad encouraged my interests in music and the violin. I take pride in my love for both visual art and music, and although I chose to focus on visual arts in college, my love for music is prevalent in my work. I particularly enjoy creating with a soundtrack in mind, and whether that’s storyboarding a music video for Duckwrth or animating a Zach Bia and Lil Yachty music video, music is always inspiring and directing my process. 
These interests have influenced my passion for popular culture as well, and I spend a significant amount of my time illustrating current events, musicians, and other well-known figures. Much of this I post regularly on platforms like Instagram, where I can connect with fellow artists and cultivate an environment of pure creativity. Some of my favorites include a pen-and-ink of J.Cole and a large oil painting of Kendrick Lamar, both of which are in the “Student Work” section of this website.
Looking back, I’m thankful that art was encouraged as a realistic and satisfying career path and as an artist, I’m excited to continue to grow and explore.
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